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Uplifting Their Hearts

Is in Your Hands

Warm Food Warms the Heart

A hot meal for the widowed mother and her orphaned children- to heal the heart and soul.
Fundraising Goal 55,245
גיוס 59%

During Life's Special Moments

We open our hearts and accompany the Chosson and Kallah all along their journey, giving them all the physical and emotional support they need- so their hearts can become whole again
Fundraising Goal 32,500
גיוס 76%

A Happy Yom Tov

There are some things we won't be able to give them. The empty chair at the Shabbos table, once belonging to their father or mother, is a void that we'll never be able to fill. But we can provide them with the oxygen- the financial support- that they so sorely need, in order to transform their Yom Tov into a happy one.
Fundraising Goal 89,245
גיוס 71%

Is COVID-19 Quarantine Difficult?

Some people suffer from a different kind of 'lonely quarantine', and not only during COVID-19: Widows and Orphans, for whom every single day is a lonely one. Now, more than ever, when we can feel just how they feel, let us assist them with all their medical needs.
Fundraising Goal 58,350
גיוס 85%

You make mine happy  and I will make yours happy

Are Given Assistance Before the Chagim
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Meals Distributed Daily
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Straight from the Widows Hearts…

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